I am a farmer and an artist. For me they are one and the same–taking a piece of earth and using it for something beautiful, without destroying it.

Clay itself is interesting and raw. 
I use mixtures of clay and textures to bring out the aesthetic value in each piece.

All food surfaces are coated with a simple, safe glazes for food safety. Occasionally I use small accents of colored glazes to add a different depth to a piece.

I am actually a very practical person, but art is a gift that I love melding with practical, everyday things. They are incorporated into our everyday lives, and add beauty every time we make a cup of tea, wash our hands, or wipe down the counter. And, for me, it is a resistance to the mass-produced, generic, cheap culture we’re surrounded by. I love my work because I get to help re-create the kind of culture I want to live in.